Hello all, from adelaide.

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  1. Blaze_Fox89

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    Hey'all, Craig here from Adelaide, Australia.
    CraigMTB might mean something to someone.

    I have built my motored bike about 3 or so months ago. It is a Skyhawk 2-Stroke GT5 80cc. It has heavy duty needle bearings & the enlarged jet 80cc carby with the super good filter that will stop anything bigger than your thumb.... nm, though.. Put on a $75 bike I got for $65.
    It is already broken in with about 650 odd km's on it, with 2 weird noises to date. :laugh3:
    Also done about 44km/h.

    Other than that, been past three police cars without being stopped. :grin5:

    Don't run over any small dogs now, seeya. =^_^=

  2. Mountainman

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    there is a good motor biking people down under your way

    have fun as you ride that motor bike thing
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    Heya and welcome to the forums :)