Hello all from Adelaide



Hello to all
got my first motor about 4 months ago because it seemed no matter what direction i was ridin i always had a head wind now i don't care which way it blows just add more throttle :).
about 2 months ago i got my 2nd engine with centrifugal clutch
got a bike to put it on a couple of days later i was riding my first bike in town and someone waiting for traffic opened up the passenger door of a car in front of me
the door hit my right hand launched me over the bars and broke the bone in the top of my hand above the small finger so i could'nt ride for 6 weeks
i've been lurking on this forum for while wilst i was puting my bike together
so i thought it was time i joined
anyway i found some good tips here and i'll post some pics and a few cures for problems i had putting it together
cheers Rod

go you good thing

Hi Rod,

Great to see another Adelaidian, what suburb are you from?

Sounds like a nasty accident but only a few weeks till you can ride again.

Where did you get the centrifugal clutch motor from???

Check this out.... http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=5025

Welcome :D
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