Hello All : Golden Eagle 35cc Experience



My GEBE 35cc kit is in town but wont get to me until Monday. I am posting my step by step process of working with GEBE and their kit on my Trek 850.

~ With permisssion, I'll post my BLOG address here. ~

I'll use this MotoredBikes forum for thoughts, ideas, and any questions you might have.

I'll use my BLog for the day to day learnings.

Best Regards to All.
Hi again Tim,

Just make a running commentary under this, pictures and links. As more and more RackMount's come in, we can each kind of keep up to date under one topic per bike...

When you git er dun same deal in the picture gallery, just make one topic and put new pictures under it as you go along.

If you start traveling long distance, post maps and pix in the Traveling section....

You are going to find this place addictive, in "Other" there is one called "MB.com made me do it" about all the burnt meals caused by posting and reading this forum.

You can also start a reply, then come back and edit and add more/make changes.

Again, welcome aboard. :cool:

(oh, and we have a bit of a code, and try to add positive points to the other members, especially when we are un-acquainted with their machinery. Strength through diversity)
It's Here!

3:30 P.M. ! UPS has arrived. Time to open the boxes.

Included is the motor, kit and a new 36 STEEL spoke rear wheel.
This is what is recommended for motors over 30cc in power.

More soon...

http://goldeneaglebikeengine.blogspot.com for non-forum sorts of things, photos, situations.
Mounting bar from seat to motor ideas

Hello to the GEBEs or related who have installed the support bar from the seat-to-motor.

My bar is perfectly in the middle. However, so are my brakes. They center pull.
Therefore the support bar pushes my brake cable to the side - thus brake cable rubbing.

I bent my bar a bit but wonder if anyone else has any different ideas.
I N C R E D I B L E !

Free again to ride! And no sore knees!

At 20:22 I pedaled once and suddenly was zooming up the driveway.
Then came the very steep hill. Slight pedal'ing and up I went!

One stop to check bolts and belts visually and away I went up the
ridge road. The sun was starting to set. To the top, the very top.

Then down the ridge to the main road. I found a somewhat flat section
and registered about 28 mph. The more the engine ran, it seemed
to gain strength.

Various porch sitters, flower tenders, and road walkers watched me go
by. I took it down into a field, picked and ate some blackberries, reached
behind me and easily started the engine eventhough I was on the seat.

I returned to the humble abode at 21:09 with 9.4 miles covered.

I'll see how my body does. I did do some purposely-pedaling.

Originally I could feel stronger vibration around 22-24 mph. However,
this decreased at I rode the road.

Sound: A little like the old mini-bikes. Also, the faster you ride the less
the rider hears the sound. No one scowled at me as I rode past. I
could also easily hear my cellphone bluetooth earpiece.

It is good to be mobile again.

Ride One? A+ to Golden Eagle Bike Engines.

I only came across those brakes once, on some French superbike pos, reamed the hole a tad, twisted the strap, and connected to the seat apperatus. Then reinforced with a looooong zip tie to the frame.


And I'm with jerryt on the only bogus part of the blog. The narrower tit goes toward the rear.

Only comes into play when person buys WalMart $100 avalon, or when we start adding training wheels for senior citizens, and we need that wide part to drill into.....

but we might as well make that GEBE truism, narrow tit to the back on the axle mount.
Thank you Jerryt

Thank you Jerryt. Mine is reversed but it seems to be OK that way. I'll double check it in daylight. Thanks for the link. That is a good page.
Motor doing great

The motor is doing great even on the steepest hills. I have only found one long very steep hill that I had to peddle more aggressively.

The only change I may configure is a larger gas tank.