hello all ive got a couple noob questions

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  1. hamstermobile

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    hello everybody! so ive recently gotten a dui and cannot drive for about a year. however, ive looked into the local rules and regulations regarding these motorized bikes. im really excited to start building my own. ive been to school for auto mechanics and have a certificate in light maintenance.

    so my basic questions:
    is running a motor on a bike with a coaster brake even possible? i would imagine it wouldnt be as useful as it would seem.

    also, i have checked out the engine dealer reviews. i could of sworn i read something about luckyearlybird having a quality product, but i cant seem to find it again. the kits look to be the same as the seller boygofast, which didnt have rave reviews. so, im lookin to see if anyone has purchased from luckyearlybird and could possibly email or pm me.

    thanks for all the help! im really anxious to get this project in motion! if only i had all the money on hand....

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    I drink, but never drink and drive...chalk up another DUI. No sympathy here.
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    Welcome to MBc....you have not listed your location, but you might want to triple check....(maybe ask the lawyer that represented you for the DUI) if you are legally able to operate a motorized bicycle.
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    oh, im in the northwest suburbs of chicago. the lawyer was worthless. asking them would most likely be a lost cause. so the laws say, basically, as long as its under 50cc, has functional pedals and is ridden on the street and under 20mph i do not need a license.

    as for the brakes, the bike im looking at getting has the calipers. eventually one day i would like to upgrade to discs. the post that led me to this site actually was concerning that haha.
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    The v brakes

    Will work ok if you keep them adjusted properly...you dont really need disk brakes...besides i bet your riding season wont be very long in IL.
    You might look for snow tires !!!! They sell them.....
  6. hamstermobile

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    hmmmm interesting. deffinately somthing to look into there. my riding season is going to be as long as i need it to be though haha. i would imagine the engine wouldnt run too well in the cold unless it was kept inside or in a warm place.
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    I saw a threed

    Maybe on this site ..a guy had studded snow tires...
    I dont think they are too expensive...
    I you can keep the bike indoors starting wont be a problem...
    But you better have some good clothes, and a skid-lid !!!!!!

    I always wanted to make a snowmobile out of a standup scooter gas powered with a ski in front and a track in the rear...

    But we dont get any snow down here !!!!!!
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    Correction....we don't get enough. Last year we had 14 inches in one day....and that was it. Year before we got 12 in one day and that was it.
    Both times it melted away in 2 days.

    I have also heard of people using wood screws through an old tire and a heavy duty liner, not sure I would trust it though.