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    Hello to all fellow bike builders, I have been building one-off motorbikeles for six months, and have learned a lot! I hope you all enjoy my latest creation, the 91' santana arriva weilding a 2002 Honda XR50r. its pushing a 26" HD axle kit with a 52 tooth sprocket, brake drum retrofitted for a 6" disk brake rotor in the rear, and a weak shimano caliper. The front is packing a 20mm axled downhill front hub with quick release skewer adapters, 26" triple wall rim, 13ga. spokes, cartridge bearings, and an 8" disk brake rotor with Tekpro Aquila cable caliper. All custom fabbed install, as bike was originally a 700 series road bike with rim brakes. My front seatpost is a rockshock gas post, jel seat, and handlebars converted to mt. bike bars. The original front seatpost is now for my passenger, with the handlebars raised under their seat so they can sit up straight while hanging on. Unfortunateley I am still running the original fuel tank, and drive chain tensioner bracket... upgraded with a skate board wheel turned in a lathe, but I am working on a spring tensioner. I also welded on a marine handrail base to the side of my frame as a trailer hitch for my many custom modified "In-Step" trailers. many more upgrades to list... i will try to post more pictures as it evolves. please ask and comment, i love feedback, good or bad

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    welcome aboard.

    Sounds like you've got some cool stuff, there. Photos would be good, as soon as you can, since I'm having a hard time picturing it all.

    Have fun...
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    i got a few early photos up... newer ones to follow... :)