Hello all ! Nicholas from Santa Ana, CA question about motovelo and getting started

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    Hello all, thank you for having me here on your forums. My name is Nicholas and I am a sports/engine enthusiast. I have been wanted to get a moped type or engine kit bike. Now I am more set on an Engine kit bike. i love building, learning and creating things. very hands on. i have stumbled upon motovelo.us, and it got me started on researching engine kits. i DO NOT plan on buying from them anymore because of the reviews i have read. wanted to get input from here as well. i believe i have my mind set on a 2stroke. price is not to much of an issue for me at this moment. the loudness, dirtiness and maintenance is not too much of an issue for me as well. i like to get my hands dirty :poop:

    So i live in california and have read it is hard to get engine kits to california, so if anyone can recommend some that would be great. i don't have the bike yet either, but i am thinking of beach cruiser.

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    Welcome to the forum. China girl 2 strokes are the least expensive. The HS four strokes are more refined and pollute less. Friction drive kits are the simplest to install. It's personal preference. There are zealots on the site for every kind of kit.