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    whaddup yo, building a schwinn resto-custom lowrider. It started life as a 3 spd schwinn suburban. I've order a 80cc engine from motorizedbikeparts.com . Ive read that some have had issues with the 3 spd hub? Im contemplating on either trying to get it to work or I was really wanting to hook up some 140 spoke rims. Anyone do this? any issue with the hub? All help is appreciated.


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    Welcome and best of luck with your project.

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    nice bike to put an engine on! good luck ;)
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Hey knottsoljah, I have 68 spokes on my latest cruiser. It was a pain dealing with the rear sprocket mounting. The spokes were tight together and it added 2 hrs to get the mounting bolts aligned and tightened. You may have to try and find a sprocket and hub combo. I havent seen them 144 spoke though. If you figure out a solution, please post your findings.

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    Thanks all, ive been doing the research thing and it looks like I might go the 72 spoke way. It will be the easiest and most cost effective and still achive the look I want.


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    Welcome aboard, Knotty