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  1. Chain theory

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    My name is Joey from Dallas aka Chain theory. I have enjoyed reading this forum for the past month or so. Seems like every time I Googled something for my research on my planed MB it lead me here. I just thought that it was about time I said hello and let all of you know how much I appreciate your forum and all of its contributing members. I don't have much to bring to the table here other than enthusiasm and the mad inventor in me. I have an very old Worksman industrial delivery bike M2600 (20" frame) Its the Humvee of bicycles. It has delivered everything from block Ice to car parts in the French Quarter. If it could talk I would be taking notes. I set out to find a Kit that would be worthy of this fine American made machine. Another words something strong enough to move this heavy old tank. I think that I,m leaning towards the DAX TITAN XC. I have also considered the GEB and Stanton Kits. I don't think the HT would fit on this type of frame plus they seem to lack the t3sticular fortitude that I think I'm gona need to get this thing moving. I would like to get this rig up to 45 mph and get 150 mpg with a basket full of groceries and a smile on my face. Am I expecting too much?

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  2. stude13

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    welcome and good luck. 45mph is haulin
  3. Scottm

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    Welcome from Fort Worth, hopefully another riding buddy. There are a few worksman trikes on the site. Do some searches for "trike(s)" and workman and you should find some good stuff.
    I've got a Titan, drop me a line if you want to get together so you can check it out.
    30mph is plenty fast for me though.
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    Welcome to the forum! If you really want top speed, and you can weld, type 'lifan engine' into ebay. That will yield some high power
  5. Chain theory

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    Thanks Scottm

    Yes hopefully, but first I think I have allot of work to do. First thing on the list is to find somebody that can weld bikes properly. Any suggestions in the DFW area Scott :?: Here is some pics of the challenge at hand.

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  6. Ozi

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    Thats a fine looking bicycle that needs a HAPPY TIME :grin:
  7. Scottm

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    I have a wire welder. I'm not the best, but grinders do a good job of removing mistakes. I'd be happy to take a stab at it, or let you do it.

    It looks like you are at my garage at my house. Must be same builders.
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    welcome to the site.i want that bike.
  9. Chain theory

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    LOL eastwoodo4 I will add you to the list. You can get one just like it at Worksman It doesn't look like they have changed the design much over the years.

    Thanks for the welcome.
  10. HERPER

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    i dont think you are expecting tooo much. when ur movin on those things can get scary mine hits 30+ and when im at that speed im pretty nervous

    but other than that good luck and lot of good ppl here to help u out (not me i suck)
  11. Chain theory

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    I braised it myself!