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    i'm stoked finding this place,i've been looking for fellow bike-nuts with the same(and in looking through the pics,much better)ideas towards improving and customising their rides!!! as for myself,i've always had a thing for bikes,and after many years away the bug bit me again (after seeing a guy scoot by on his motorised bike) at the same time i came across a "moto-balloon cruiser" circa 1915-1933,and,well,the bike kinda inspired me(did'nt inspire the wife)and now i'm about 25% along-as cash allows i'll continue to add on (fuel tank fabrication,upgraded forks,and which motor) anyway,i'll add pics and look foward to contacting/hearing from eyeryone!!!!! vince:evilgrin:

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    Hi Vince, welcome to MBc, enjoy the ride!
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    welcome to mbc.

    we're glad you found us