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    I joined here for a very specific reason. I would like to build a MB that is capable of high speeds. Then I want to go out to the salt flats and race it. I am pretty handy and will be able to custom build/machine most anything to make power. I can easily research that part here due to the wealth of knowledge (thanks btw).

    What I am not finding a whole lot of information on is running out on the salt flats. Are there any preexisting records or classes for MB? What size engines? What frames? What aerodynamics or engine modifications are allowed? What fuels? Etc..

    I would be looking to do this for fun and on a college budget. I am not serious as a heart attack but I think saying I hold a land speed record in ____ would be great.

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    Welcome to MBc. I'll let Augie know that you want to talk to him.