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    Greets from New Zealand. I'm in the process with 2 mates in building 3 bikes. We managed to get 3 cruiser style bikes of the same model from different sellers on the local equivalent of ebay. We also bought 3 x 60 cc engine kits which cost us NZD$ 200 each.
    I brewed 23 litres of Wolfies Bike Night Beer and now we gather up each Thursday night at Big Als to build these bikes.
    We have removed the 26 inch front wheel which had a useless drum brake and replaced it with a 29 inch with hydraulic disc brake. Due to frame configuration we have welded in a new engine mounting strut, due to our body sizes we have also welded in new seat mount struts (and moved the seats backward by 9 inches and down by 2).
    We have a local panel beater who I swear is amongst the best in the world at his craft. I made a cardboard dummy of the tank we wanted made to sit between the true and secondary cross bars. We just got 2 of the three tanks back this week past and they have blown us away. Mark has beaten flames into the top of one tank and a chequer pattern into the sides of another. Awesome. 885324_10201582995595039_189271586_o.jpg 1454592_10201582995635040_1965201496_n.jpg

    We are building these bikes so we can participate as a novelty team in the Grape Ride here in Marlborough (they won't let us ride our harleys and we're to old and beaten up to pedal) in April '14. We will be leveraging as much sponsorship as we can from our industry peers and local companies for donation to either Child Cancer or Prostate Cancer.
    My name is Chris Wolfe but everyone calls me Wolfie, feel free to do so also. Cheers.


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    Great posting Wolfie,
    I love that ,"If there's a will,there's a way," attitude.Please keep us posted on your progress,so cool.I wana see the beverage cart that you're going to pull around at the grape run.Free samples?Donations work fine.
    That fuel tank is going to be sick,thats usa youth language for "awesome"BTW.So Impressed..WoW!


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    Great looking bikes. Enjoy your ride.
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    Thanks gents. Am looking forward to gleaning some tips from here. Will post more pics as we progress. Cheers, Wolfie