Hello all!

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  1. westkybanded

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    From Kentucky, and starting to dive into my first build. My son has wanted a motorbike for a long time, so we're putting one together as a team. Seeing all this is making me want one too! Hahaha...


  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I think these motorbikes make good project to do with your kids. Unfortunately my kids were not interested when I built mine.
  3. milos87popovic

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    Welcome :grin5:
  4. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    Post pictures when you get it done.
  5. SignedByMe

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    Welcome Welcome Welcome

    Being a kid myself i see the other way when i built my bike my dad and mom had no interrest in it. O yea its cool and stuff but i have a car. I told them all the cool things about them and well lets just say it went good. (Every body has a motorized bike in my family.) I hope we can be helpful and freindy. Enjoy!!