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    Hello MB community. I'm new here and am building my first motorized bike. It will be powered by a 47cc pocketbike engine with every mod imaginable :devilish:. The questions I have for you are-

    1. What would be the best way to mount a sprocket to the wheel?

    2. What would be the best way to mount the engine to the frame?

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    Hola and welcome, Fairly new myself, but from what I've gathered.

    1. I would think something that attaches to the hub. I.E. attached to a disc brake rim, clam shell adapter etc. The rubber doughnuts that attach to the spokes do work "pia though".

    2. For the front mount something like http://sickbikeparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=74, the main part is the parts that attach to the frame. The part that attaches to the motor I went with a flat piece "liked how it set in the bike better". The rear mount, something like what is used in the shifter kit on that site. It's about an 8' piece that attaches to the motor, then you can clamp down both ends of that piece to help keep the motor from leaning.
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    Ok I think I got the mounting of the engine figured out but the sprocket is still going to be a challenge. I think I could use that drive sprocket thescooterguy sells so all the bike parts will then be universal. Anyone got any input on this?