Hello and question about Robin EH035 fuel lines

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    I received an old scooter from my dad with a Robin EH035 on it. He had some problems getting it started and messed with the fuel lines and I want to be sure I get them on right.

    There are 2 lines coming out of the tank, a clear one and a black one. The black one has (or I should say had as it is cracking and falling apart) a fuel filter on it. Is this the correct line for the filter?

    Where does each line go? I'm assuming one is the fuel line to the carb, just not sure where it goes.

    Thanks for any help.

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    one is a feed line (feeds gas to the engine), the other is a return line (returns unused gas to the tank). I believe the clear one is the feed line, the black is the return. I dont think mine even runs a filter, but if you did put one on, I would put it on the clear hose.

    If the black hose is cracked I would replace it... check your local garden supply store for hoses... it doesnt have to be black.

    While you are at it I would clean the filter element, change the oil, spark plug, and replace the white felt piece in the air filter (its probably brown by now on your engine). You can order the parts from www.staton-inc.com.

    Use 30w oil... I use Valvoline.
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    if you want the manual... I have the .pdf

    if you needed it, here it is.

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    EH035 fuel lines

    On second thought, since you are new to this, Wapam, I probably should have been a little more specific. If you will look at the side of your carb, you should see that there are two tubes, and one is a little lower and forward of the other...this is the inlet like Vtech said. It gets the longer of the two fuel lines, must flop on the bottom of the tank, and gets the filter on the end. The other tube (slightly higher and to the left of the other tube) is the return. It gets a shorter line, does not have to hit the bottom of the tank, and gets no filter. Both lines can be 'clear', color makes no diference.

    I know this since I switched the lines by accident while cleaning up my engine and couldn't get it to run right. Since, I have had several people ask me this same question, and the answer has always been ,"Switch the fuel lines." So, if you can't start it, or keep it running, try swithing the fuel lines...and follow the rest of Vtech's good advice.
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    Great advice, thank you all. I'm getting closer. When I look at the carb I see the 2 tubes, one is pointing straight down and the other has a right angle bend to it and is pointing at about 5 o'clock or so. The right angle one is closer to the air cleaner.

    If I understand this correctly, the right angle one is the return and the other (farther away from the air cleaner) is the supply...?

    Thanks again.
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    Fuel Lines EH035

    You have it right...the one pointing straight down should be the intake, gets the longer hose, and has a filter on the end. The one with a bend should be the return, gets the shorter hose, and gets no filter. Bah-Dump-Bump...Tsch!
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    Btw, I forgot to mention...that fuel filter is important at the end of the intake line since it forces the line to stay at the lowest point in the tank under the gas. If it weren't attached, there is a good chance the intake hole would sort-of float around, and periodically suck air, causing your engine to stumble.
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    Thank you, sir. I believe I've got it!