Hello and thanks for all the great info!!

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    Hi all!
    I saw a guy riding a red motored cruiser (maybe a Schwinn?) in Kensington, MD the other day and was intrigued. Quick search brought me here and I've been glued to the laptop since!
    My plan is to build a Trek mtn bike with the 80cc from Bikeberry. Like the idea of the 6 mo warranty, and people seem to have had pretty good luck with them. Originally I wanted a cruiser, but the mountain bike seems like it might be a better fit for me. For one, it'll easily accept a front suspension. Also the shift kit from Sick bikes looks intriguing.
    Still need to find the perfect bike on craigslist or ebay, and then order the parts. Planning on a vacation in March, and would like to have the thing completed by then to take along and buzz around the island.
    I live in DC now, and driving around here gets worse every year. Parking is nigh on impossible, and 45 minute roundtrips to the grocery store (2 miles each way) are far too routine. As traffic and speed limit restrictions will keep speeds below 25mph anyway, this seems the perfect solution. Was considering a moped or scooter, but these motored bikes just appear to be SO MUCH COOLER!!!!
    My one concern is with torgue, or low end grunt. Like I said, top speed isn't a concern, but we're in a somewhat hilly area, so I'm thinking the shift kit might allow hill climbing ability. Plus, the years and my wife's good cookin' have taken their toll and I'm now tipping the scales at a svelt 235lbs.
    Mechanically, I think I'm up to the task. I'm a former marine (boats, not military) mechanic, and have a pretty good head for tinkering. Show me a math problem and you'll get a blank stare, but give me an ancient outboard that hasn't run since the Johnson administration and more often than not I'll have her happily putting along by day's end.
    I think the plan for the 1st build is to get it going and sell it to a buddy who has no car, then take what I've learned from that one and build one for myself. That way, we both get a new toy,he gets an on call mechanic and I get to build 2 bikes!!
    Thanks again for all the great info, and I'll keep you all posted on the progress.

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    Welcome aboard, Andrew.

    Good intro; you've clearly been reading posts on your own and you gave us enough info to give (reasonably) good answers.

    I have a 49cc two stroke on a mountain bike. I weigh about 175 lbs. But I also carry cargo weighing, say, 40 lbs at lightest and up to 100 lbs. I don't have any problem with hill climbing. The bike needs a bit of help on the steepest climbs around here. But it's not enough to be a problem; I actually welcome a bit of exercise. In fact I've always thought that the biggest downside to my bike is that it doesn't let me work quite hard enough.

    I'd be inclined to suggest that you could use any cheap-o bike that you can get your hands on. At 235 lbs, my biggest concern would be bending a wheel or snapping your frame if you hit a pothole. You could still get away with it pretty easily; you'll just want to be careful of "jolts".

    If you want it by March, then you'd probably want to slap that engine onto anything you can get hold of right now. After you've ridden it a bit, then you'll know whether that particular bike is right for you or not. Then you can make further plans.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Welcome Andrew. If this bike stuff gets in your blood you wont stop at 2 builds.
    I was wondering if there's still guys out there that made the old outboards come
    back to life. My dad has 3 oldies in his shop for me after he passes. I haven't looked
    at them for 20 years but I think there sea horse, sea king and a sears.

    Enjoy the group and good luck on your builds. Post if you have questions.