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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BeauBoy, May 26, 2009.

  1. BeauBoy

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    Hello everyone, fantastic site I have been reading for a couple days and been loving the pics of everyones motorized bikes.

    I dont have one at the moment, just a naked muscle and sweat powered bike but I will likely be buying a ZBox kit to fit on my electra coaster bicycle in the next few months.
    Warren from Zbox sent me the link to here, I asked if he had a chat site for ZBox but he dosent have one.

    I am a complete newbie, I dont know much about engines and all that, but I am sure I will pick up the lingo fast enough to generally understand what people are talking about.

    Looking forward to get to know you all on the motored bike community.


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    We're glad you found us.

    Lot's of good info here. You'll get what you need to know in no time.

    Have fun.
  3. BoltsMissing

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    Welcome to MBc

    All the Best

  4. fetor56

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  5. BeauBoy

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I am sure I will be learning a lot on this forum, there certainly is alot of info to gradually sift through :eek:

    fetor56, I just checked out that website, they look really good! I like the chain system, I think :grin5:

    Is that what you have on your bike/s ? from the rocksolid engines.
  6. fetor56

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    Naaa i chose Zbox originally cos RS wasn't around at that time(2 yrs ago) & since then i've swapped to 4-strokes.
    I was looking at RS's 2-stroke kits a few days ago from a friend who builds MB for a living.He swapped from Zbox to RS & i can understand why.....their superior. http://www.southlandmotorisedbicycles.com.au/
    When RS releases his new 4-stroke rear-mounted kit soon i'll seriously be concidering it.
    MUCH better to stick in your own country.