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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by iRide Customs, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Awful quiet around here...nobody wants to start any "discussions"?

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    Sure, know any good powdercoaters in my neighborhood cheap??? .....well mebbe a real thing?

    I'm looking for a very cool old brass and glass see-thru type oiler for my 09 OHV engine. I would like to have (or I'll install) a little valve, so that oil flows only when on, so it will leak less. I want to be able to use that lil resovour to oil the other points on the top of the engine too, maybe with a little steel flex line? I'm currently fitting a 6x12 enclosed trailer to tow to events where we sell, and will probably get the 10 together in the next month or so, and will keep either the 09, or the 10 running, while the other is in powder.

    Any Ideas?

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    Hey Mike,

    I do have a few powder coaters up here but that won't help you a bit...they kind of suck too.

    On the oiler issue, have you seen these? I don't know if it could be adapted to work as an oiler but if you dig around their catalog, you might be able to find something.


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  5. Brass oiler

    Thanks Dan! those last 2 look hot! the first link would not open as I'm not authorized. I was hoping they would be cheaper, but, nothing vintage, nor vintage-looking is.

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    Sorry I haven't been around, I'm finally on a NEW computer and have been getting caught up with everything around here...
    Reading, reading, reading!
    Again glad to be here, and will be getting more involved...