hello betoalvarez here posting in the garage section..


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Jan 19, 2008
hello, my name is beto alvarez, I purchased my first motor from ebay almost a year ago and from the first day i had problems..it was the clutch gears on the right side, anyways finnaly got it running months later then the mounting and clutch on left side of motor cracked. purchased new motor from powerkin on ebay.THis motor ran good, except my problems as described in the garage section. my best freinds motor from power king ran great,until it was stolen outside his house. We cannot seem to have any luck or common sense when it comes to these bikes and I really depend on this bike. I used it to pickup my kids (the kids mom and I are divorced) almost daily,And use it to go to work. im recently divorced here and am looking to start a new life , but my only transpo is giving me a very unneeded headach right now. thx p.s i live in northern california. any questions, i would be very willing to make freinds here thx! :)



Welcome Beto. I read your problem in the garage and you do see to be jinxed with your motors. My condolences. I'm hoping you will be able to combine you two broken motors into one and be back on the road soon.