hello chaps and chappesses, i'm a member of this illustrious forum!

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  1. buddymac

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    hello chaps and chappesses, i'm a member of this illustrious forum! and nmo i'm not a nerd! i use proper english when possiblehttp://www.motoredbikes.com/images/smilies/icon_surprised.gif
    i have a happy time grubee two stroke installed on a mint craft beach cruiser. i am trying to set up a business installing these cheap engines on customer's bikes. the name of which is MQ Mopeds.
    at any rate hello and thanks for your intended replies

  2. KilroyCD

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    Welcome to MBc, Buddymac. I would not be concerned about anyone thinking you might be a nerd for using proper English around here, as I tend to use it all of the time.
    We'd certainly enjoy seeing photos of your bike, if you have some to share.
  3. paater

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    welcome ! :D
  4. welcome to Motoredbikes! i would like to see some pictures:bowdown:
  5. buddymac

    buddymac New Member

    i will soon. and thank you for your welcomes.
  6. Stan4d

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    Welcome! Ain't nuthin wrong with good english!
  7. buddymac

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    trying to upload pics, on a mac.

    Yay! IT WORKED THIS TIME! I had to reduce the size of my pics, like many other MBers have to.

    the first pic is my sweet ride and I. I have just finished breaking this engine in, and it has developed more power, even while running on the break in gas/oil mixture. i have to adjust the high rpms jet to give more gas at high speeds, but not sure which jet it is. of course the jets were sealed at the factory, but I think I broke the seals out anyway.:eek:

    The second pic is of my interesting mounting arrangement. There are two nuts in between the engine and the bike in the front mount, pushing away from each other to better stabilize the engine. he rubber ring around them I placed there to help absorb vibration which it does to a small degree.
    the rubber washer I fabricated from an inner tube to reduce the vibration and horrible noise ( it sounded like the piston was going to pop out of the head!) :ack2:caused by a loose washer rattling away when I reached high speeds.

    my next model to build is on a royce union 18 speed.

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