Hello! E-Biker looking to go ICE too!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by LI-ghtcycle, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. LI-ghtcycle

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    Hello all! :)

    I've been enjoying riding my electric bicycle everywhere I go, but I'm also very interested in gas motored bikes too or ICE's (Internal Combustion Engine).

    I saw a video better part of a year ago of a 49cc 4-stroke bike on a highway going 50 MPH, but I have had no luck finding that video or any information on a similar 4-stroke out there.

    I'm not dead set on 50 MPH, but I would like to see what's available, and I'd really like to stick with 4-strokes for noise and ease of operation (no mixing 2-stroke oil or filling an injector).

    I have ridden and raced motorcycles in the past, but to get more exercise and to have the freedom to use areas that only a bicycle can go, I like the E-Bikes to allow me to use bike lanes and paths.

    I also want to dabble in ICE's that can easily keep-up with traffic (I'm thinking a max of 40-50 MPH with decent acceleration to be safe in a 35 - 45 MPH zone) Just because there's nothing quite like the power to weight ratio of a bicycle! :grin5:

    I'm hoping that the battery technology catches up soon, but until it does, for any serious commuting I'm going to go for an ICE bike. :D

  2. mabman

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    Legal limits for motorized bicycles in OR is 35cc or less and 24 mph top speed. In order to do what you describe you will have to go up a class to mo-ped which allows up to 49cc or scooter and then you will also be on chassis that can handle that type of performance also.
  3. professor

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    There are guys here who are going fast on bicycles.
    This whole engine power thing is addictive. One of the reasons I like it is I am OUT of the flow of traffic because I go bike speeds.

    Most states have max speed limits for motor assisted bikes.
    If anything goes wrong and you create an injury at traffic speed, you could be sued big time- besides being non- legal.
    I don't know how many people are thinking about this.

    One of the guys hit a dog last week at 20 mph, got a broken arm, dislocated shoulder. At least, if you are on a motorcycle- you have the mass of the bike to possibly drive you over the dog.

    Seriously, either decide- bike speed or motorcycle.
  4. Alaskavan

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    I live in a (VERY) rural area. My commute is 33 miles each way. The road is almost entirely a 55mph zone. Shoulders are minimal for 23 miles of it. I use a Lifan 4-stroke with internal CVT (made for a small ATV). If the authorities in your area allow it, it's doable.
  5. Hawaii_Ed

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    I ride in a ton of traffic, in the dark, with no shoulder most of the way. It is either ride in the lane, or take the sidewalk. My biggest concern is getting hit from behind. I cruise at 40MPH, speed limit is 35 most of the way, but cagers do 50+. Anything with gears will get you in the 40's. I really like the new 4 stroke kit, and plan on going that way someday.
  6. LI-ghtcycle

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    Wow, what speed are you traveling, and can you tell me more about your Lifan?

    I'm a big fan of low center of gravity, so I'd really be most interested in something that attaches low just above the BB.

    I understand some of the concerns mentioned here, and I agree, I rode motorcycles on the street commuting (no other vehicle) for 10 years. I also raced a short while since I couldn't afford to buy helmets and repair my bike when I crashed and then when someone else accidentally knocked my bike out from under me (I wanted to kill him until I calmed down! lol :devilish:).

    I believe in choosing to either be fast or slow, ride in bike lanes or traffic. However, in my experience, 2 wheels are 2 wheels, they are inherently unstable compared to 4. Freak accidents happen to everyone.

    Even a 1500lb Gold Wing can go down at less than 20 MPH when a weiner dog goes to attack the front wheel and causes the front end to wash out. :shock: This happened to a friend of mine that was one of the best riders I ever knew, I he was my mentor in racing, and was one of the first people to start knee-dragging. He once took 3rd place over-all for the racing season at PIR in the 750cc class riding a nearly stock KZ400 in the mid 80's when the GPZ750 was the dominate bike.

    I rode year round (except in ice of course) in Oregon, and when I thought the roads had cleared enough, I was unlucky and when I heard some strange noise from my front end, I went into a parking lot, hit a patch of ice at not even 10 MPH, and before I could stop it, the bike went down (Kawi EX500) far enough to push the brake pedal through the side of my engine case! :veryangry::(

    So believe me, I understand your advice, and I'm listening, however, I have my electric bike as my "pedal assist" and I will want my gas bike as pretty much an ultra light weight motorcycle. I have owned everything from an '88 250 Interceptors to a 2001 ZX900 Ninja, and I have always enjoyed the lighter smaller bikes more.

    The other thing that will be nice is being able to gear the motorized bike to allow me to pedal through most of it's speed range. I have accomplished this with my E-Bike with a 12 - 23 tooth freewheel and a 60 tooth third front sprocket so when I am going 35 - 40 MPH down my favorite steep hill, I can still pedal, not just spinning with no resistance. :D

    For my gasser, I have no problem being classified as either a moped/scooter, but I think I would be wiser to get it licensed as a motorcycle and have the power too.

    My first "motorcycle" according to Oregon was a 80cc Honda Aero scooter. It topped out at about 45, but there's just something about motorized bikes that appeals to me. I love the light weight, but also the freedom to use them in the bike lane/sidewalk when needed when just pedaling alone. I also don't want to be in that "no man's land" of 35 MPH top speed, IMHO too slow or underpowered of scooter/moped can be even more dangerous than a fast one. I once had to get on the brakes hard to avoid being hit while crossing the steel bridge in Portland, cagers sometimes just don't even see ya, and from the looks of shock on these guys faces they never even knew I was there.

    I would also like more freedom to ride at night, I will be as visible as any motorcycle with all the lights though. I'm more worried about the miss-perception that most drivers have about motored bikes that they are going slower than they are. It's funny to see the shock on the faces of drivers as I pass them on the bike lane in a 25 MPH zone, and irritating when I am going 30 MPH but have drivers try so hard to pass me because I am pedaling, therefore I must be "slow" on my electric bike.:rolleyes7:

    I'm looking to take another over-engineered tough chrome molly framed bike and keep things light as possible. Hard tail is probably where I will end up unless I can find a good cro mo full susp frame like a good specialized for cheap, but the vast majority of these bikes are aluminum.
  7. Alaskavan

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    I do not like to talk about speed or hp (both are things that are subject to laws). Let's just say I can cruise all day at the speeds Hawaii Ed speaks of. A couple of years ago, I did a ride from Ocean Park to Seattle WA on back roads in about 10 hours, stopping at every little country store, etc.
    I got the Lifan on eBay. My understanding is that Lifan is licensed by Honda to make clones, so there is at least a concept of quality control. A properly geared 50cc motor with an internal CVT should be able to move you easily and reliably at 40. The drawback: 45lbs motor that is too wide for a normal style bike.
  8. LI-ghtcycle

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    Kewl, thanks for the info, I'm guessing by the list of options on mapquest that your talking about Ocean Park, WA to Seattle? That would make it an 181 mile trip! That's incredible time over such a long distance! Thank you for the tip, I will see what I can find on Ebay, and you say these Lipan's have a CVT? Sounds great!

    I can live with a bulky motor with a CVT, thanks very much! :idea: