Hello,every body~

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    Hello,every body~
    i come here introduce my self and ask some advice about my MB

    i'm from Taiwan. and i'd buy a engine kit for my bike about 5 weeks ago.(as the attachment)
    i'm interested in how's the fuel economy you get with your MB ?:goofy:
    i got 40KPL.
    i'd hear a little bird told me someone get 80KPL!! :sweatdrop:
    May you share some way to enhance fuel economy with me ? thanks~~:rolleyes7:

    another guestion to ask,i had changed 3 sparking plug since the engine install(when the head of the sparking plug goes be black(carbon on it?),then you can't start the engine) ,the motorcycle engineer says my mix ratio for the engine oil just too high ~ they advice me adjust the ratio down to 50:1 or less (while who sold me this engine says 20:1). :(

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    Hi Steinway, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    Post your question in the 2 stroke section.
    A black plug is too much fuel. There is a mixture adjustment in your carb. But 20 to one is too much oil after it is broke in (I do not have one of these engines, but I read the posts here).
    Dont know how to convert KL to MPG.
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    THANK YOU :goofy:
    (40KPL = 113MPG ,80KPL = 226MPG ,if i can got 226 MPG it's really economical :tt1:)