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Hello Everybody


Mister R

Hey everybody! Garden City says hello. I'm excited to be posting here for the first time. Finished my bike yesterday. Chinese 80cc on an old cruiser frame (I'm almost positive it may be an old Evans, but its difficult to be sure). Haven't been able to ride it yet, but this weekend is a three-day weekend, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll post pictures this weekend. I'm very proud of how good it turned out. This site was extremely helpful to me in building and I appreciate that. :cool:



ok cool welcome. post some pics if its possible. thanks for joining and have fun


hi, Mister R, welcome to the MBc 8)

stick around and help out the next new builder 8) 8)

btw-to our "guests"...don't wait 'til you have a bike, jump on in and get involved now :)