Hello everyone from a determined FL rider!

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    Hello everyone. I'm interested like you to have a motored-bike and my goal is to have transportation other than a car to save money in the long run.

    Plus if I saved hundreds I could build a NICE car in the meantime while I ride my bike, instead of wearing out an old car and hardly having the time and money to fix it because I have to drive it.

    Also, I always wanted a go-kart when I was young, so I feel a motored bike trailer pushing my bike would be even better, I'll feel like a kid again! I want the feeling of freedom and traveling as I please!

    After scrapping an old car that the wheel and front left come loose from the car while I was driving :eek:, I'm now building the bike trailer. I used a nice Handtruck with some little grippy 10-inch tires, and made a straight 5/8" posi-axle, and a 6-inch pulley to drive the two wheels. I'm going to make the mount for the engine and drivetrain.

    The engine will be a 3.5HP Briggs & Stratton horizontal-shaft edger engine. It's quieter than a 2-stroke, and I plan on adding a tractor muffler to quiet it down. I'm looking for about 25-35mph top speed.

    The drivetrain and clutch will use a belt. I'm planning on using an idler pulley to slowly engage a cloth-coated clutch-type belt and a large spring to hold it in place once locked. I'm hoping the 6 inch axle pulley and the really small engine pulley along with the small 10 inch tires will give me a low enough ratio.

    I'll use this to push a 21 speed, 26 inch aluminum-frame mountain bike, and I'm a light rider about 150lbs.

    I can't wait to get it started, it will be so much fun!

    Seeing all the bikes here is very inspiring!

  2. Welcome Neighbor from the Treasure Coast......
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    Thanks, it's great to feel welcome to an awesome biking community!
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    Welcome to another from the land of Love Bugs !
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    Welcome, from Englewood, FL