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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Xayne90, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Xayne90

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    Im thinking of purchasing a 80cc 2stroke kit for my "original lowrider" chopper style bicycle but I have a concern regarding about the placement, I am afraid the engine will not fit in the frame itself and the pedals would smack against the engine, I do not have the bike in my possession at this moment but I do have a picture of the bike, I do not know how to post pictures to this site yet

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    its been done. you do need to buy a special motor mount but they arent insanely expensive. i think they need a longer chain too. so i would buy a 2nd chain just in case you need a few extra links. worst case scenario you have and extra chain around in-case yours breaks. they are beautiful bikes when done properly. i havnt heard of any 'pedal hitting the engine' issues, but i could be wrong.
  3. Purple Haze

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    They require an off-set mount, available on ebay. There are more issues, also. I don't recommend doing it for your first build, there are enough problems without adding more. You'll probably do it anyway, so good luck and welcome to this forum. Many good, knowledgeable people on here who will give you good advice learned from past experiences.
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    Would you be so kind to post a link to buy these please thank you buddy
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    Thanks everyone I just need to do this because I can't afford a car and this is the only bike I have, my job is 8 miles away and walking sometimes back and forth is exhausting, I'd rather just install this thing on my bike and have a reliable way to and from work, I'm just scared I might **** it up some how
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  7. Xayne90

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    I think the kit that bikeberry.Com sells has that
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    get a working $20 old bike & build that - you won't have the struggle you face building the chopper & you'll have practically no risk of failing at the build - be sure to get one with gears & good brakes