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    Hello everybody. My name is Anthony. I have been following this site for over 1 1/2 years, but have kept quite. I have seen some amazing creations from many of you that I give major applause to...Awesome jobs. Xtrememotorbike is the name I use due to many different ideas and developments we have came up with along with many projects we have started. As many others, I felt the need for some serious upgrades and add-ons for these small two stroke motors. Many of which I have seen come along with great worksmanship. Here are a couple of items from Xtrememotorbike that may be offered one day. Nice to finally meet everyone and join in.


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    Are the parts made of plastic?
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    No they are billet grade, aluminum. I'm talking to Anthony as I type this.
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    More about the covers

    These are made from 6061 billet aluminum, hard anodized, and laser engraved. They are not plastic. The elbow coming out of the side is for the clutch cable. We integrated the cable into the side cover for ease of operation and clutch cable adjustment. The elbow and stainless fasteners will be included. This design makes for simple adjustment and a proper non-kink bend.

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