Hello everyone, new guy from Sydney Aust with OCC Schwinn Chopper...

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    Hey there guys, First thing, I can't find a local forum, so if anyone knows of similar forums in Australia then please let me know, I have not long acquired an OCC Schwinn Stingray Chopper with what looks to be a 49cc or F50 motor. If anyone can point me in the right direction of identifying the engine would be greatly appreciated. Secondly, I have running problems, I think it is a combination or blocked main jet (NT speed carby) and a leaking inlet manifold, any threads covering diagnosis of 2 stroke running problems will be greatly appreciated. Also, anything OCC Schwinn Chopper related would make good reading. Cheers from down under.

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    Also, I noticed when I posted it all came out in one paragraph but I did hit the enter button a few times to start a new line, what gives?
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    Lots of fellow aussie's up in here, pretty decent fellows considering they speak funny English.
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    Tis naught a vury active forum laddy.