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    im brian. live in dearborn, michigan which is somewhat near detroit if your semi familiar with the area.

    i know alot of people dont like them from what I read, but I just picked up a NEXT Avalon from walmart over this passed weekend. Through the week i found out about engine kits which ive trolled the boards over the week seeing what options are for me. without a doubt i want to use a frame rail mounted engine. the only problem is im worried the engine wont fit. i plan on purchasing a "80cc" kit even though from reading alot on here an 80cc doesnt really exist.

    so basically either im going to eat a 108.00 purchase on a bike or use a rear mounted engine which i dont want to do.

    but anyways. hello. :) glad to meet you all in advance.

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    Hi Brian,
    Welcome to the forum. This is a wonderful place, full of people who are nice to have around. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!