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  1. bonescrub

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    well, a friend and i are looking to put some motors on our bikes. started with a yo tube video of a man and a weedeater motor. A few ebay searches later
    we discovered the kits that are available.
    at this time we are looking into get some of the $150 kits on ebay, but i am still doing some research to see what is the best deal for the money.

    thanks for the wealth of info you all provide!

  2. Mountainman

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    hey -- hope that you are up and running soon

    so as to

    Ride That Thing
  3. brendonv

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    i started my MB stuff from youtube as well, i wonder if the vid u saw was me? haha. Motorized bikes are real fun, for me it went Go kart ( no cant drive it anywhere ), homemade chopper with 3-5HP horizontal shaft engine ( to hard but will make one eventually) then i came across MB's and thought hey there easy enough the build, look good, im so making one and i did haha. Welcome to the forum and have fun!