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    hey everyone, i am zack wylde fan from bls. i love to ride but i am a nice guy rider with a little on the wild side. the first time i heard that in some states its legal to put motors on a bike and convert into a moped, i thought its a great idea. so thats what i am here for. share my experience and ask my new frnds (you guys here) to share their expreicnes with me.

    i'll be building a chopper/low rideing machine with a chineese motor. its a broad frma so installation is going to be difficult plus i have to add lights n everything. i think its gonna take about an year to get it running and lot more learning. thank you and have a blessed ride.

    - zackwyldefan.

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    welcome aboard.

    But how can you stand to wait a year for your bike? I'm sure you'll find that it doesn't need to take that long. tell us as much as you can about your build and riding adventures, etc. We crave all we can get.
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    yeah i guess it might not take that long. the reason i said it might take that long is that i have seen some new problems. first was that i needed atleast one hand brake since i only have a coaster brake. then as i have a thick tire in the back ( my guess is 3inches wide) the clearance of the chain is a problem. so i am doing my research on the spacer adaptor that some have used on schwinn stingray occ chopper. then last thing is that i want to put an engine on the bike with which i dont have to pedal on uphills atleast. i actually want to make it moped chopper. some suggestion i have gotten so far is the engines for the dirt bikes. you no those little engines with gearings, they come in various cc's 70 80 90 110 so on
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    i have solved the problem for the handbrake with a metal plate weld to install the sidepull brakes. changing the wheel and installing disc brakes would cost be more than the bike itself. the only prob right now is clearance and which engine? ofcourse at the max it would be a 90cc but i am in the favor of dirt bike engines with gearings. that way idont have to pedal at all, especially since i hate to stop and start pedalling at each n every block's stop light. thanks for reading brothers.
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    DoomsDay Jesus We Need You Now ;)
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