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    I am new here but not just starting to think about motored bicycles. I have been reading about this stuff for four years now. No Icelander wanted to listen to me before, when we were making the big bucks but now we are in the worst of all crices and then I made my move, I purchased a Robin Subaru for my Trec MBK. I am an educated master automotive mechanic and a production egineer and am a Vice Principal in a college in the icelandic country site, right by Snaefellsjoekull (Jules Werne). What is more sensible than commuting this way. I intend to commute to work and home again when the weather gets better. It is 39 Km each way. I know I will be looked upon!
    Pétur Ingi Gudmundsson
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    welcone petur; wow you are first. congratulation. ride with pride.
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    Thank you very much for your pepp. I will become:jester: very proud when I finally come riding to work red in the face and all dressed up and the people I work with wil say: What is going on Pétur???


    Pétur Ingi
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