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    Hi, my name is CC. People call me C (short version), anyway I found this forum looking for info on motorbikes. I'm a little older (50+) and grew up in Chicago's south side in the 1960's. I've always been fascinated with motorized bicycles. I used to watch all the "cool" kids in the old neighborhood strap on old cast iron Briggs motors from discarded washing machines and lawnmowers and it always amazed me how they would be able to jury rig the old engines to old 26" Schwinn cruiser type bikes and even 20" Stingrays. If you had an old engine like a Briggs WI, a piece of angle iron to mount it and a belt drive "sheave" you were the king of the alley. You didn't even need a centrifugal clutch, but if you had one it was even better. I would always watch these "outlaws" cruise down the alley always watching for cops. I don't know why, but I would call those "Glory days" like the Springsteen song goes. I remember going to see a guy named "Jewy Louie" (no offence her to Jewish people) that was his nickname. I bought an old horizontal shaft Briggs aluminum engine without a fan shroud for 7 bucks. Man when I brought it home and my parents saw it were they ****ed, mainly because I spent 7 bucks for what they considered a lot of money (1970 dollars). Anyway, I never got to build a motorbike then because my parents knew they were illegal and didn't want me breaking the law. (I got a motorbike later anyway).
    I could go on and on but building motor bikes was cool then and even now.

    Glad to meet everyone here!


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    Glad you found us CC.

    It sounds like you're really one of us already and have been for the last forty years.

    so you'd better build a bike and then tell us all about it. We eat it right up.

    have fun.