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    I am new to the motored bike scene and have been having a blast for the last couple of days. I'm in the SF Bay Area and was checking out Craigslist when I came across a posting selling one of the 80cc motor kits. I am a R/C airplane/heli enthusiast and have experience with 2 stroke engines, so this sounded like a fun project. I bought the kit and brought it home to look at. The whole setup is really well done. I have also rebuilt a couple of Honda and Yamaha scooters and I can say I like this setup more.

    I did a bit of "Googling" and found this forum. You guys have a ton of great info. After looking around I decided that I had to install the motor on a cruiser. I picked up one at the local Big 5 sporting goods store for cheap and have already done the install. She runs like a dream! My sons and I took our bikes down to Santa Cruz today and it was nice to be able to keep up with them.

    I have attached a picture of the bike and look forward to a lot of fun!

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    Congratulations! A fine looking piece of machinery.