Hello everyone!

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    Hello all,
    The name's Matt; I'm from Dallas, TX but I'm currently living in the Phoenix area going to an audio engineering school. I also have a 93' 300zx, that is a money pit yet soo much fun (I do some autox, few road courses and a lil drag every now and then), so I kinda know my way around a tool box :D! I also have a beater 93' Volvo 240 I picked up for $500 and have like $400 into that I plan on turning a dime on when I leave school for my internship. So I'm mainly building a Jamis MTB with a "80cc" motor from berrybike (motor kit shipped today:helmet:) for getting to school, my internship and what not. The saved gas $$ will help too:jester:. Well I'll post up when I get the engine kit and get it put together, I'll post some pics of the process too.
    Peace guys!

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    welcome from FH :cool2:
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    Welcome aboard.

    You sound like you know what you're doing. You ought to get along fine.