Hello everyone.

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    Hello everyone.:D
    I have been lurking around here for a week or so.
    After reading sooo much about these wonderful modes of transportation, I now want to build an in frame 4-stroke using a SkyHawk GHX50 kit stuffed into an Atlas bicycle (looks like an old Schwinn).
    I allready have a 1952 Hawthorne (Montgomery Wards) with a GruBee HT.
    It was given to me after I got it running. The carburetor was not happy and it completely sumped the crankcase with fuel, gas dripping out of the exhaust and all.:ack2: (pictures to come later....)
    I hope to learn more here, and share any knowledge I might have to help someone else out.
    I am very mechanically inclined, and I am certified Harley-Davidson mechanic.
    (no I am not biased against metric bikes either!)

    I am very pleased to have found this place!:grin5:

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    welcome aboard. You'll have fun.