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    Hello everyone My name is Jesse. I stumbled upon this sight because I had my license suspended for some rediculous speeding violations and was looking for an alternitave mode of transport. I think these bike kits are really cool and look like a blast to tinker with. I have ordered a walmart cruiser and a gurbee 80cc(67cc) engine kit from gasbike.net. I have been read through the forum for what seems like weeks! I learned a ton of info and cant wait to get this thing running. I have recieved the motor kit and am just waiting for the bike which should be here anyday. I have been taking all the china out of my motor in the mean time and am enjoying myself very much so far!

    I will have some questions and I hope everyone will be helpful as im sure you will be.

    Look forward to talking with everyone about this awesome hobby!


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    Welcome aboard. You'll have fun.