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    hi everyone. i am new to everything that is motored bikes. i just recently purchased a Grubee gt5 kit with a cns carb and I'm having some carb issues....
    1. the thing overflows all the time. even with the fuel shut off.
    2. after break in. i tried a WOT run and it was amazing. however, after that
    run it started acting up. everytime i try to go WOT it bogs down. i checked fuel flow to the carb, i messed with the idle and a/f ratio screws. none of that worked. after a while it just wont stay on unless the choke on. also it idles really high when it does stay on. if i lower the idle with the adjusting screw it stalls. i have little experience with things carburated. please some one help me. by the the way HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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    Welcome. Try searching the forums for answers to your problems. They are common and have been answered many times