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    Hello all, My names Christopher I'm new to the motorized bike world but been riding mine for about 5 months now and I actually registered for this site to see if anyone would be interested on going on a Long distance motorized bike tour from Southern California to Grand canyon, Zion national park,Dixie national forest and back to Cali starting in a week or two. Looking for an experienced outdoors man as I will be camping the entire way and looking to get deep in the wild at certain locations. If anyone is interested please hit me up.

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    Welcome to MBc, Christopher. That sounds like a great itinerary for a road trip on a motered bike. I'd jump at the chance, but I.m in SW Florida (Naples)...that would be kind of a long trip just to get to the starting point for me. But, you might check with our members in the Traveling & Commuting by Motored Bike Forum. You just might get a nibble there. Good Luck.