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    I am new to motorized biking. I used to ride a lot, but after several knee and foot surgeries I am now handicapped from such. I can still pedal with an aching left foot and a very bad right knee. That is why I turned to motobiking as a partial relief when it gets too painful to ride.

    My first bike is a Currie EZIP and the battery has been good the last 3 months, though I am setting my sights on maybe motorizing my old Columbia tricycle then maybe another bike. I mainly try every other week a treck several miles to the Sepulveda Ca. Bike Paths. Not harassed on my EZIP by cops and spotted others riding gas bikes. Not sure what the legality is of riding there but I look forward to this new step.

    Well thanks all, for this great community. Hopefully I can get working on a legal tricycle to ride there in the near future and share my adventures too.

    PS, I might in the near future chuck the EZIP battery stuff and convert that to gas as well if it can be done. Battery range fades after about 4 miles ;)

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    Welcome to MBc, Slick. You will not regret joining us. We have an excellent search facility, and discussions on just about everything to do with Motored Bikes...and gurus on just about every topic willing to talk with about you about any problem you might be having from a raw frame to a finished build. Enjoy and have fun. Oh, and don't skip the 'Sticky' notes on top of each Forum...lots of helpful information, tips, and rules.

    p.s. If you motorize that trike, I can guarantee that you will have a blast. I put a motor and gear box from Dave Staton in Oklahoma City, OK. It is totally different from anything else I've ever ridden, or driven. Details f my build are on the first page of our Trike Forum. I think it is titled 'Trailmate Meteor and Gas Power.' Lots of pictures toward the end. Again, welcome to MBc.
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    Thanks Patrick. It's an older blue Columbia 3 wheeler. I had considered putting the engine over the front tire with the roller but heard from a few that might not be best. Anyhow thanks to all for the warm welcome. And for anyone who says motorized bikes go too fast, was on the bike trail, passed up by numerous peddlers ;)