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    First, let me introduce myself. My name is Drew and I am a Mechanical Engineering student in pursuit of my Bachelor's Degree. I love working on cars, bikes, guns and pretty anything that moves, but moreover things that go "boom" or burn gasoline.

    I decided to build my first motorbike because I had a good candidate bike (attained from a garage sale), a bit of money, and longstanding desire to properly do something like this.

    First, the bike is a (pressumed mid-'90s) Nishiki Blazer, 18 speed. There is more than enough room between the rail, and the lower and rear frame rails are roughly the same diameter. Mounting the motor required minimal grinding of the mounts.

    The motor I originally ordered was the 48cc Skyhawk GT2, shipped to me by gasbike.net. Upon arrival, I checked the packaging only to see that they sent me a 66cc GT5 package. Long story short, I happily kept the package and was refunded the difference in price. Anyway...

    Installation was pretty seamless. My greatest problem was with the bike's crank spacing, which required some working of the exhaust pipe's fitment. A torch, vice and hammer fixed that up alright. Before putting it all together, I ported the intake and exhaust pipe flanges as much as possible.

    Lastly, since I put it together, I have added a comfier saddle, the Jaguar CDI and coil, an NGK iridium spark plug, upgraded some hardware, adjusted the clutch arm engagement angle, installed a teflon lined clutch cable, NVH damping, zip-tied rear spokes, and various other little things that may or may not benefit anything.

    In the near future, I plan to do more fine tuning (potentially via boost bottles/reed valves, intake tuning & Jag expansion chamber), lights, and other misc. things.

    As of now though, I only ride it on the weekends, which is unfortunate. Because of this, I am still in the process of breaking it in, and haven't yet made any long rides. This is really more of a toy than a commuter, but that said I would like to be able to commute with it if I'm given the opportunity.

    Enough ranting, here are some pics!





    Tell me what ya' think! :)

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    Sweet build and welcome! Be safe! I went out and bought a bmx helmet to wear with mine! it looks cooler than a regular bike helmet and covers more of your head!
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    Those BMX helmets are a much safer idea - i use one myself!
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    Noted on both accounts! I was just looking at getting something similar to what you describe.

    And thanks Fabian for the PM!