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    View attachment 55795 I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have been into motorized bikes for about 5 months now. I am 17 and love riding my bike. I bought an old motorized Huffy bike from a friend so I can use it to commute to school and work. I bought it for $50 bucks and it has turned out to be a project for my dad and I to do together. The bike was not running so he and I ordered parts online and fixed it little by little. It would run and then breakdown. We would fix and then something else would break. We replaced parts with upgraded ones and added new ones hoping it would run smoother and hopefully pick up a little more speed and power. It has certainly been a learning process for both of us. My dad loves it just as much as I do. We are talking about building another bike so he and I can ride together. I figured we have both learned so much from the motoredbikes.com forums, I should join the community. Here is a picture of my ride, I named it "The Wizard".

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    Welcome to the forum, nice to see young people here. This is a fun hobby, glad to see you didn't get disappointed with your bike. That would be great if your dad got one too. nothing beats sharing a hobby with your dad.
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    YO! We bes sayin itz al gud man! Hey do it too it!
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    Nice bike

    Your bike really looks cool! Hey, does your friend have another $50 bike for me? :) Just kidding..... but does he? ha...ha..... I'm just beginning my search for the right bike and engine. I live in California with lots of restrictions (I guess) so it's a lottle more tricky, but I think I would go with a Wally World Schwinn $120 and the 66cc for another $120. Well, unfortunately, that's only the start. I'm thinking the spoke-drive is kind of crude so was thinking of sticking the $50 hub on the rear axle to leave the spokes alone. Do you think that is necessary, or is the spoke drive okay? I see you also have the boost bottle... that's another $45. And, I saw a great video, showing how to make the clutch a centrifigal clutch..... add another $60...... Helmet ...... So that totals.... Okay, that's $400+ I think half the fun, will be to "turn heads." Please let me know if you have any advise for me. Thanks and, I think it is really cool that you and your father are working on this project together. Don't take chances..............Ride safely! Jim By the way, I've added an attchment of the $120 steel framed bike from Wally W. How does it look?

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    Hey Pocketbiker! Honestly, just buy the regular kit and purchase those upgrades later. That is what we did, we bought an upgrade or tune up kit from gasbike.net for about $60. For a awhile we just ran the stock set up, and you know what? it worked just fine. Of course we replaced parts with better ones. For example, the rear motor studs. They are junk!!! they would bend and break on us. We had to buy an easy out kit to remove the broken studs from the engine case. We ended up buying high grade steel studs from Amazon. They were $12, but well worth it. Problem fixed. Another problem are the screws and bolts to the chain tensioner. Replace those with higher grade steel from a local Hardware store. Those are just examples to what we had to do. Not everything worked well. We purchased an RT Carb from eBay, and it did not work good. My dad and I tried everything to make the bike run good. We eventually removed it and went back with the NT carb. The bike is not super fast. I clocked myself at 33mph the other day. Im 17, and that is fast for me. My school friends think I am super cool for having that bike, and I am always getting offers to buy it. The boost bottle and aluminum intake port have given me better speeds and takeoffs. Very happy with some of my upgrades and they are cheap! My next upgrade is going to be a SBP expansion pipe and a Fred head from CR machine. My dad and I are planning on porting the intakes and matching the piston with our intakes. More work to do, but it is so much fun!!! Another quick and cheap performance hack would be to drill out your stock baffle. Drill some holes at the end of the tip. You will gain torque and speed, and your bike will sound a lot better. That was our first performance tweak or hack we made on my bike.
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    Thank you for all of that great advice. I did not end up buying the Schwinn after all. But, I'm really into it....... I'll mull over all of your tips. So, you drill out something on the inside of the muffler? I'll check into it.. anything to make it sound better. Thanks
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    check out the video I just posted of how my bike sounds
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    Great! What is the link to your video please?

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    That is so cool, father son projects are such a great experiencel, my son is 25 now and not into the father/son thing much anymore unless he needs his car fixed hehehe.

    Well, being a $85 Huffy Cranbrook to start with you have the bottom of barrel for a bike base.
    Chances are your drive sprocket is mounted directly to the spokes and the hub is already shot.
    If you have chain jump problems that is usually it.

    Another cause of chain jump could be the motor mount.
    Is the front mount a single bolt through the frame?
    If so you are double screwed as a moving engine will throw chain as well.

    Quick test:
    Grab your top bar with one hand and your engine head with the other and push back and forth AS HARD AS YOU CAN.
    If it moves AT ALL that is fail.

    I would think all of your engine running problems can be directly related to it's mounted angle.

    The entire fuel is gravity fed and your carb is at a way beyond tolerance level to function.
    The flat bowl needs to level to ground with maybe +-7 degree angle to function properly.
    Yours looks like a good 20 forward which will really screw things up.

    It can't hold the fuel it needs in the bowl for proper wide open operation, and it has the tendency to overflow right down into the crankcase and pool.
    You do NOT want raw fuel puddleing in your crankcase.

    To clear any puddle pull the plug, turn fuel off, and pedal it up and down the street with the clutch out to blow that stuff out.

    Personally I'd pull the motor kit, ditch the POS bike, get a couple decent new bikes and a new kit for Dad and build a couple of new MB's.

    It's a path for father/son fun anyway you look at it ;-}
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    You obviously don't have much confidence in the Huffy Cranbrook. How do you think the Columbia compares overall? Jim
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    Now, that's a healthy sounding engine! I like it!
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    Thanks for the advice KC's Builds. The bike is running pretty good right now. I did not think about the carburetor level, and yes. The motor is mounted with a screw through the frame. We don't have chain jumping problems and the motor is bolted on pretty solid. The things you pointed out make perfect sense and something to rethink. I appreciate the advice and will consider making some changes. Thank you!
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    I seems like a pretty solid bike so far, it weighs considerably more than a Cranbrook. thicker steel tubes I would assume.
    The back hub seems fine and actually had good grease in it so I guess we'll see.

    That's good news, they aren't much fun if you spend more time fixing them than riding them ;-}

    What happens is vibration will start causing the that bolt to wobble out that thin frame tube making the hole bigger and bigger until the frame fails as it is hold a flat plate to it's round surface.
    You could put the mating piece from a muffle clamp in there to help, but I think you would better off using a Sick BikeParts.com front mount and wrap your frame where the hole is with some good sheet metal to help reduce fatigue at the compromised frame section.

    You are very welcome, ride safe ;-}