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    Hey, My name is Dan and I am a bicycle freak! I have been building custom bike for a while now and every time I pick up the grinder I get just as excited about it as I did the first time I built a frame.

    I am ready to make my first motorized custom and I am having a hard time deciding on what power plant to put in it.

    What are your guys' opinion on the Chinese 2 strokes? What about the 4 strokes that have been popping up on ebay?

    What about a Whizzer 138cc ? Good choice or bad?

    Thanks for any info and thanks for MotoredBikes dot com!


  2. azbill

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    welcome Dan :D
    enjoy the forum 8)
    thought I might see you here :p

    lotsa 2strokes are still out there
    4 strokes seem to coming out that hopefully are reliable (if so, I want 1 :lol: )
    whizzers are sweet but too pricey IMHO
  3. iRide Customs

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    Thanks Bill! There is a plethera of info here!
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    Dan, I'm a big fan of your work.

  5. iRide Customs

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    Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to join you guys as a motor guy. Very excitied about this!