Hello Everyone!



I am looking forward to learning alot on the site!
I must first give props to GEBE for turning me on to this site to begin with.

Ironically, my lack of service or as Clark Howard refers to it as "Customer No-Service" from GEBE is what led me here.

I do not want to "trash" anybody's business.
I joined this site to find a way to motorize a bicycle & it still perform/remain a bicycle when need be.

Currently I am looking for an alternative to the GEBE setup I purchased last August.
It has not delivered the type of performance I thought/desired it would.
(Especially as PRICEY as the kits are!)

Furthermore, I can't really "chew the fat" with anyone as of late at GEBE.
Seems like if you are not purchasing anything your needs are "old news"
I feel like I have been "slapped in the face" after investing around $800 dollars in their company.

Maybe I can get some productive answers/options here & possibly keep the GEBE setup.
But I am more than open to other options.

Any & all input would be greatly appreciated!
& if can help anybody please contact me!



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Dec 15, 2006
welcome, starman, to MBc ! :D
there's always somethin' going on in rack 'em up


Welcome to MBc Starman !.I'm sorry that you are unhappy with your GEBE set up maybe some of us around here can boost your fellings about your kit, I for one own two of there kits and I love them, at frist it was not so but once I learned to use them I fell head over heels , I have one the tanaka 40 on my GRR with a Zzipper fairing and the other on my GT5 trike,both I use to do long trips 200+miles without any problems,I for one hope to help you in any way I can and there are others here that use Gebe kits and they feel the same way so again Welcome and dont hesatate to ask anything that you need help with!...Loco:cool:


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Sep 30, 2006
Hey Starman,

Sam has an excellent GEBE rant in Rackem. Read that and add your probs under Sam's thread, it may be something minor once you get the description down in words, and we can get you fixed up and running at full speed.

If we get your situation solved, that is what MB.com is for.

I learned a lot just by switching things around, there is no "one size fits all" in what is an emerging and evolving hobby.