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    I have been lurking on and off this site for over a year now. Guess it's time for me to become a bit more active.

    I recently completed building up my motorized bike. I started with a 1993 Cannondale Aluminum alloy mountain bike frame and had a young bike mechanic friend of mine totally strip it down and rebuild it. He laced up a new rear wheel with 12 ga. tapered stainless steel spokes, replaced most of the bearings, and got the bike into "as new" condition. I figure if someone could ride this thing down a mountain at upwards of 60 mph, it should be able to handle my 200 lbs on pavement. :grin:

    We then added a GEBE Robin/Subaru 32.5 cc 4 cycle engine kit to it. So far, I have a little over 200 miles on the bike. My top speed with a little peddling has been >28 mph. I am trying to keep it down to around 15 mph most of the time. I checked once and was getting ~140 mpg. don't know what it is now.

    We have lots of hills out here, so I replaced the original sprocket on the engine with one geared just a bit lower. Climbing hills has become a bit easier, and top end hasn't been hurt that much. I did notice that when I went over 60 miles on the new engine, it really began to loosen up and run a lot better. It pulls the bike along, at idle, at ~14 mph. In fact, this is a bit of a problem. I went through the manual and can't find any way to turn the idle down! :confused: If anyone can help me there, I'd be very appreciative.

    Oh, I forgot the human element. I am 60 years old; been married for 35 years. I am retired, kinda... I am planning on using my little motorized bike every day once I can get it slowed down a bit on idle. Hope to see some of you on the road in the near future.

    Dale WU7X

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    howdy yougster; im in north bend and have had a sub/gebe kit and i loved it. the throtle problem you have is unique. there is an adj. at the carb and the handle bar. if that doesent do it take the shroud off so you can get to where the carb mounts. srpay some flamable aerosol around that mount while running, if there is a vac leak you will hear the engine rev or settle down. good luck mitch
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    Thanks for info!

    Hello Mitch!

    thanks for the quick reply. I figured that a KISS method of taking care of the idle problem would be the way to go. I will follow your advice. Will check the throttle adjustment first. If that doesn't work, I'll try the adjustment screw (yup, did a dummy and didn't do a search prior to my first post. There is a picture of the idle adjustment screw on page 14 of the manual, duh!). If there is still a problem, I'll try your advice.

    Thanks again.