Hello fellow MB's. Here i have pics a vids of most of my builds.... enjoy

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  1. manaya

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    I've been building MB for a few years now, but i'm not using the 80cc engine kits that most people are.
    I'm using the 49cc engine out of the pocket bikes.
    I'm about to start my new project which will be a chopper, i will replace the rear wheel with a huge one, measuring 20cm wide, also i will use the 110cc 4 stroke LIFAN engine. i will keep you all up to date once i get all the parts .
    Enjoy my pics a videos







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  2. WOW. That chopper on the end is SICK!
    Gonna watch your video's now.
  3. bbeards2

    bbeards2 Member

    Is that nos bottle a hidden boost bottle?
  4. manaya

    manaya New Member

    Hey Bbeards2,
    Its not a boost bottle, its acually a alluminium drinking bottle painted blue and a NOS stickers, it always gets alot of attention.
  5. sparky

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    Those are ALL incredible builds!!
  6. Aussie_Glenn

    Aussie_Glenn Member

    Hey Muzza,
    Where in Melbourne can I get pipes like those! One on the HT would be sweeet!

  7. manaya

    manaya New Member

    Hey Glenn,
    Sorry, which one is the HT ?
  8. HT meaning Happy Time meaning 2 stroke frame mount kit.
    Aussie is looking for a pipe like yours for his engine I think.
  9. graucho

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    Wow, your vid of using the derailer as a tranny gave me some great ideas. Keeping the pedals, switching the pedal to single speed with a jackshaft and a rear gear to the opposite side. Hummmmm, ive got to go get a pencil and paper. Thanks a bunch! Great job.
  10. manaya

    manaya New Member

    Thanks for all the comments.
    I'm happy that i could give you guys some new ideas.
    Good luck on all your new builds.
  11. manaya

    manaya New Member

    Hey Glenn,
    The exhaust on the Mountain bike was made in Adelaide for $250. the guy pulls your engine apart, measures the bore size, stroke and your inlet / exhaust ports and makes the pipe size / length to suit so you gain maximum power. the bike had a top speed of 57km p/h, after fitting the pipe it could reach 67km p/h, and thats still using the standard carbie , filter and reeds.
    The guy makes Go-kart pipes at home, so maybe try a few go kart shops around Melbourne, if no luck, i can give you his number, but he will need the bike on Adelaide, and about a week to build the pipe.

  12. Aussie_Glenn

    Aussie_Glenn Member

    Thanks Muzza,
    At $250 that's more than my current engine / bike combined!
    But my bike also doesn't look that cool or go that fast!
    I think that will done the bottom end of the list of mods.

    Thanks for the photos / info in any case. Love your work.

  13. That last chopper is sick! From the 'tube, it is actually much smaller than it looks in the pic. Give me one of those full sized with a 250cc!