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    I just finished my very first bike, got pics but still have to upload them. I'm from the midwest and have been riding my bike for the past week...working out the last kinks on my bike but over all great bike...bought new, mountain 26 in schwin put a 48 cc..tight fit, on it runs great.... I great a lolt of looks and commits like " I want ome of those" but am trying to keep a low profile:smile:

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    Hello Freewheelin and welcome.

    Glad to hear that you're up and riding. You'll have fun, but you already know that.

    Photos are good. So are descriptions of rides, modifications and repairs, etc.

    We're always hungry for more.
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    Hi Bluegoatwoods..and thanks. Since the engine and muffler were a tight fit, I had to have the muffler heated and bent away from the bottom of the bike frame..and by the time I got it right, had chewed through all my gaskets..lol so I went to the guy I bought the engine from and picked up 2 more..got the gasket on today..works fine..I changed out the gas tubing line with rubber vac hose, looks great and seems to me it would last longer...also put NGK b7 spark plug in it..seem to run fine..will experiment more though...got one more major issue though..my very first ride I hit a pot hole going fast and dented my rear wheel..so I pick a new rear wheel and took the bushings off from the rear spocket of the old wheel and when I had put the sprocket bushings on the new wheel..they got deformed so when I'm riding on the new wheel the rear sprocket wobbles...I can't have that lol...chain was flying off and damaging my bike...so I moved the idler arm back as to force the bottom chain closer to the spocket, it works for know but I got to fix that..I picked up a new sprocket bushing and yet to install it, but I think this will fix the rear sprocket wobble
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    I'm using an NGK b7s, too. seems to work fine.

    Your wheel; could it be that the second wheel is not a 36 spoke pattern? That'll cause sprocket troubles.
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    I don't think thats the problem, I say this becuase it wasn't wobbling on the first rim, what I think happened was when the rubber bushings that where on the first rim, they got compressed and when I took em off to put on the new wheel, they weren't the same thickness all the way around the rubber bushing, so when I put the compressed/slightly chewed up ones back on the new wheel, the sprocket comformed to the crooked rubber, make sense? and do you think it's plausable? but I'll have to count my spokes
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    I also have 2 saddle bags. Very..Very handy. I also wear a fanny pack for quick access to important items