Hello! Florida Rider looking to build new bike!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RidingJesus, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. RidingJesus

    RidingJesus New Member

    Hello folks. I'm new here. I love bicycles and have rode them a lot since I was very young, and now I'd like to feel the joy of having an engine on one!

    It seems like you folks have a lot of fun on your bikes, and I want to have fun too.

    What would you recommend to get started? I've seen motor kits and self-propelled trailers mentioned here, and I can't make up my mind!

  2. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Welcome aboard , If you can afford a good kit, [ $400 - up ] go with one. Japanese motors are the best.
  3. ENO

    ENO Member

    Hi Florida ..Australia calling..For real good fun and to get a lot of attention check out OCC SCHWINN STINGRAYS with 70cc motor..Check my info for some advice on a home build...go to Schwiinn and check the look of the Stingray...The rest is fun.
  4. RidingJesus

    RidingJesus New Member

    Thanks for the kind information.

    I see a lot of nice kits. Also I see some nice trailers too.

    I'm really considering putting a 70 or 80cc kit on the bicycle, for when I'm out joyriding, and also having a powerful self-propelled trailer to go with it, for carrying my very heavy stuff, like when I'm carting bibles, literature, and food, so I'll be motorized either way.
  5. RidingJesus

    RidingJesus New Member

    After giving it some thought, I want BOTH for sure.

    I'm looking into getting an 80cc kit, and gear it really low for about 25mph max, so if my heavy trailer has trouble, I can still have the pulling power to get to where I'm going.

    As for the self-propelled trailer, I don't want to get my clothes dirty, so I need electric start for it to stay clean, and a very strong engine to carry the weight I need for ministry work. I want about 35mph max, and good pulling torque, so I'll use low gear ratio for the trailer too. What engine would you recommend with electric start?
  6. Mountainman

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    to RidingJesus
    well as you know the co called 80cc kits are something like 66cc
    anyway your #1 mb wanted with the low gears and trailer
    I guess you are talking Happy Time -- is that right ? should be no problem

    #2 self propelled trailer with elect start
    what max hourse power are you thinking about ?
    some here do it -- but not sure it's safe -- 35mph on a push trailer ???
    someting to think about ?

    when you get one or two have fun as you ride the motor bike
  7. RidingJesus

    RidingJesus New Member

    Thanks folks, for your very generous help.

    I see the HT bicycle kits, you can pedal-start, and that's just perfect for what I've been looking for as far as on the bike, and simpleness. The mixing oil and gas thing isn't my preference, but I can deal with that, because the pedal start advantage.

    I believe I may have found a suitable engine for my hauling trailer.
    It's electric start, and if it only goes about 20-30mph at the very most, it should be able to carry anything the ministry may need, even if it weighs 200 lbs or more. Also you don't have to mix fuel, and this would be clean to use, and I don't have to touch the dirty engine to start it.

    Do you have any other suggestions for another engine with electric start?
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  8. graucho

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    Welcome to the group! It says your age is 99. I would have taken you to be at least a little over 2000. LOL. Have fun with what ever engine you decide.:smile: