Hello form Argentina, motorkit 80cc two stroke chinese (stock) TrikeBike

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  1. mfunapo

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    Hi everyone,

    I am from Argentina (Bs As) and I am building a motorized Trike Bike from an old BMX frame.

    I bought a chinese motorkit 80cc 2 strokes. I could do a street test but still having minor issues like carburator loosing from intake LoL

    When I achive a good reliability in my project , I will slowly trying to get more rpm and torque. Now is a Work in progress.

    It is a low cost and weekend project, for that I get delays in every step :)

    My firts two questions are:
    1) How do you resolve the problem of carburator being loose?
    2) I had read many large thread about Jaguar CDI, I would like to buy one just for protecting motor from breaking but it´s expensive (Jaguar kit is half of a motorkit price).

    Some pics:



  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Neat! You've got a pretty wild little scooter in the works there.

    Your carburetor/intake works loose? You might try putting some silicone caulk on the threads.

    I would not bother with an expensive aftermarket CDI if I were you. The stock ones work fine and they're inexpensive to replace.
  3. mfunapo

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    Thanks for you reply!

    I had read all Jaguar/CDI thread and I downloaded the diagrams for a home made CDI. When I get all done, I will try that circuit (and always its a good thing to have 1 cdi for backup purposes).

    Now I am getting problems with rear wheels. They are just chinese garbage. In the last street test, the chain locks because there was too loose and I skidded in a straight line (5 meters) making a HOLE in the tire. Here in Argentina, karting´s wheels and they accesories are too expensive (more expensive that whole motorkit). I dont know what to do.