hello form Australia.

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  1. toxicbugman

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    What a great site, loads of photos and interesting chat.

    also looks like the two stroke engine you use here
    is sold in Aus as a ZBOX , great little engine.
    will try to post my ( MOTORBIKE ) in picture gallery
    looks like old Indian and you have to ride it like that
    and dont think of it as a bike.

  2. AussieSteve

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    G'day toxicbugman. Welcome to MBc. Which part of Oz are you in? I'm in Nowra NSW.

    Looking forward to seeing a pic of your bike. After a few more posts you'll be allowed to attach pics to your posts. I think that you can already add it to an album on your profile page.

    ZBox is one of a number of HT engine sellers in Australia. I bought mine, (66cc), from him and have had good support when needed. It's done over 500km now without problems, but for a better quality version of these engines, there's also Rock Solid Engines in Adelaide.
    I have an RSE billet aluminium hi-compression head on mine. Gives it a bit more punch.
    There are some pics of mine here.
  3. toxicbugman

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    Hello Steve,
    yes you seem to be right about posting photos,
    have been trying for some time , times out on me ,will try later.
    Williamstown , Victoria, thats where i am. been out of action for some weeks now with torn ligiments in shoulder so it is a pain in the " ar*# "
    not to be able to ride as the bike is so much fun !!!
  4. AussieSteve

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    Yeah, these things are fun, aren't they? Sorry to hear about the shoulder.
    I reckon it's too cold to ride in Winter anyway. Haven't ridden mine since mid-May. I have a 200W electric that I ride regularly, though. It's slower, so the cold wind is less of a problem. On the 2-stroke, I can't help doing about 40kph and freezing.
    (At 50kg, I don't have enough meat on me to keep the cold out.)

    I used to live in Vic too, about 25 years ago, in Oakleigh. (South-eastern suburb.)
    Was born in Chelsea.

    I forget exactly how many posts that you need under your belt before you can attach pics. It's not too many.
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    Morning Steve,

    after reading some of your posts and others on fine tuning,
    feel some what like a " Luddite " thought you might be able to do
    a little tidying around the motor but not much , wrong !! for me i think i will leave mine as it is ,its fast enough , almost been in the bushes a few times .
    As i havent been able to ride to work each day now for about three weeks i still take it out Saturday morning or Sunday, have a great bike path down at Williamstown that follows the beach line then out into some low lying tidal flats
    to Altona about 8km . It is concrete about 2.4 mt wide , along the beach it is some what flat with a few sweeping curves but when it reaches the tidal flats it becomes very exciting ,lots of tight corners and a couple of long straights with a rise at each end , one of which i can get the bike air bourne if there is no one around . One thing about the RTA road laws and the local is that you can ride the bike on the road and bike paths so long as you obey the rules. Still trying to load the photos , no luck yet . ps have just read your post on noise and vibration , might have a go at that ,always though that my vision should not be blurred at speed ( feet on rear pegs and chin over handle bars ) really is a great site sooooooo much info might go into brain over load.
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  6. AussieSteve

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    Hello mate. There's a lot that can be done to make these engines perform better and go faster, but it can be expensive. My bike's cost me about $1800 so far and it's still not finished.
    If your's is OK as it is, you'll save a heap.
    Most of the mods on mine were to make it more of a moped - more reliable and comfortable.

    Sounds like a good ride. I have a similar one here, on the cycleway beside the Prince's highway, from Nowra to Bomaderry and back. (I've got a few sneaky jumps too. The shift-kit is great for that sort of thing - jumps and monos.)

    Mine still vibrates like h e l l - a bit like riding a paint-can shaker. These are a pretty poorly balanced engine, especially the 66cc ones. (Both 48cc and 66cc use the same bottom-end, balanced for a 48cc top-end. The 48s rev higher and vibrate less, so they say.)

    The weather will be warming up soon and I can get in a few rides again. I'm sick of looking at the bike just sitting there.
    My lungs aren't too good, (emphysema), so I avoid rides in cold weather. It knocks me around a bit.
    I haven't even had a ride since I fitted the new headlight, to test it. It should be bright enough to be seen easily in daytime, to help with visibility. Next up is a decent charging system. I've got a small generator here, just need to make a regulator to suit.