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    My name is George, or just th1nker. I live in the GTA, Ontario, Canada, and as some of you may know, the laws here are **** bent against this alternate form of safe, fuel efficient transportation (for whatever reason). I have purchased an engine, and I am currently looking for a suitable frame to mount it on, and hopefully I will have my own motorized-bike to drive to/from work every day.

    Either way, I thought it would be good to make friends, and ally's and what better place to start than this community?

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    Hi Thinker, it is as bad up there as it is here in NY. It used to be legal to motorize a bike in Canada, from what I read here, but the laws got changed to allow elelctric only.

    My solution (I hate batteries) was to buy a basket case Moped with a regristration and customize it (so to speak). The necessary equiptment in in place, as is the ID number steel stamped onto a plate welded to the frame.
    However, I can't take the liberties with using this, that I do on a pedal bike because of that license plate.
    Some people will frown on this effort but stuff like this is done all the time by the street-rod guys.
    I ride slow with all safety gear and expect no problem. The more odd-ball the make of the moped- the better.