Hello from a 1919 EVANS POWER CYCLE located in south of France !

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    Hello everybody.

    I'm a new member from south of France.

    I'm owner of a 1919 EVANS POWER CYCLE since one month.

    I think that my cat Velvet, is ready to take a ride with this bike as soon as the engine runs again !

    I'm looking for help, pictures, and informations from people like you, experienced on lightweight, to restore my bike.



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  2. Barret

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    Hello, Pascal and welcome to the forum! Very cool that you're in South France, and even more cool is your bike! LOVE the pictures! I think the cat not only wants to ride, but also wants to DRIVE! :grin5:

    Again, welcome, and I look forward to seeing more pics of your project(s)!

  3. schulze 123

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    Welcome from Adelaide Australia, great vintage motorbicycle and a very nice Russian Blue.

    Cheers BJ
  4. buzbikebklyn1

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    Welcome to the forum! Way cool old ride!
    (I'm loving the cat, if it's kitty approved its gotta be cool)
    Do your self a favor, forget finding NOS engine parts for that engine, make friends with your local machinist.
    If we can be of any help just ask, my GranDad rode Indians.
  5. cpuaid

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    Welcome to the forum! It's amazing how current your bike looks even for a 1919 model! I envy you for having her.
  6. james65

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    Is the headlight original? Is it electric?
    Please post more pictures with as much detail as possiable. That thing is great(I mean the bike). How about a little info on how you came across this gem. Do you know any of the ownership history?


    EVANS and INDIAN Story

    Thank you Barret, BJ, BBB, cpuaid, james65. Thank you everybody for your very sympatic welcome. Velvet, the cat and me really appreciate your attention.

    He's training everyday to learn how to ride this bike ! I'll try to post a little movie to prove it... If I find how doing this...

    Unfortunately for the cat, the EVANS is in parts, to be restaured. I've the chance to have a found it with very good engine, in good shape for his age. The ignition works very well. I think that the engine will be soon started again.

    I propose to open a new threads in forum, with lots of pictures and details, in the "heritage lane" area. I'll tell everything about the story of this bike, particulary. And other details like the light system of this model.

    Thank you for help proposition, I'll surely need some informations from specialist like you.

    I know that it's not the place to speak about INDIAN, but, particulary for BBB and BJ, I've a little story to tell.

    I've the chance to ride my INDIAN quite "weekly" since more then 25 years. I've been in Adelaide, Australia, to visit my family. There, I've seen, for the first time, the 741 MODEL, thinking that I'll never have the chance and enough money to find one, one day.
    Two months after my return in France, a work fellow gave me a phone call, in to my office. He says : "My Grandfather owns an war model INDIAN and a 1928 GNOME et RHONE. Make me an offer for the two bikes"

    I reply : "Very funny ! But too late. The first of April was yesterday (We was the 2 April, just after the april fool") and I hang up the phone, thinking it was a joke !

    The phone ring up again. He says : "Don't cut, please. I'm serious !" I ask : Why have you think to me ? You don't know me." (We used to have only professional relationships.) He reply : "I've seen your old 1968 TRIUMPH in the parking of the factory. I've made the conclusion that you like classic motorbikes. So I've thinking that you'll be probably interrested ! "

    "Thank you for thinking of me. Unfortunately, I've no money my friend, sorry". He reply : "How much can you offer ? I say : " No more then 5000 Francs (600 USD), and with great difficulty". He told me : "It's OK for me, the bikes are yours !"

    Here's the picture of the previous owner of the INDIAN. He has help the local customs officer to identify the bike in 1951. The bike came from Belgium, modified and civilazed by an INDIAN dealer based in ANTWERPEN city. The customs officer gives it to him, free. They don't know where put the bike ! No place in the little depot.

    One week after, the neighbors ask him : "Hey, Henri, what is the new bike you ride with ?" She's very too noisy. If you keep the bike, we will not be friend for a long time !" . He doesn't know how to manage the left hand throttle and the right and timing advance. (It's the opposite in Europe)

    He put the bike in the place that we can see on the picture. Years after years lots of various trash were put on the bike. He cleaned the place just before I came !

    Dreams come true, sometimes !


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  8. buzbikebklyn1

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    Dude... you STOLE that Indian for $600.00! its gorgeous.
    <sigh> why cant I trip over deals like that one?
    good luck wit it.
  9. q999

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    sweet....oh so....sweet.

    ya.......that is sweeter than honey.........excuse me if i drool...


    Hello all,
    I've noticed that, when you ride regularly with an old motorbike, people don't hesitate to come and talk with you.

    They talk always about the Father's, or Grandfather's old motorbike. And sometimes tell you that the bike is still in they house !

    I know lots of histories like mine.

    I could tell a lot of these kind of stories.